Wednesday, May 25, 2011

About James Alex Gerard

I'm a visionary, creator and writer out to do big things. All I do these days is think. Employing the power of independent thinking, originality and insight. I know if you do things like everyone else, you'll end up like everyone else.

Bringing uniqueness to my work. I provide perspectives and perceptiveness above the norm. And I can make your company, network or studio really stand out from the rest. I maintain high standards and accountability for myself, as my work reflects.

I obtained a B.A. in 1989, with a major in Professional/Technical Writing and a minor in Journalism. After a lifetime passion for creating and writing, I spent 25 years in professional and corporate America. It was there I honed practical skills that I now combine with varied life experiences.

During my career, I worked in journalism -- editorial reporting and commenting on news, sports and politics -- advertising, promotions, public relations, public information, and scientific writing.

Earning Associated Press awards for both writing and photojournalism. I also served in the graphic-arts area for years, including stints in service bureaus and printing companies. My advertising copy appeared in nationally distributed and syndicated publications, including automobile manufacturers' product brochures.

My extensive experience gave me a well-rounded ability to carry out projects from concept to reality, from start to finish. Understanding -- and adhering to -- the nature of deadlines, I know how to team my creative ability with meeting the requirements of the business.

I don't rest on my previous accomplishments. I evolve. I've done a lot through years. But, such achievements represent the lower rungs of my "creating and writing ladder."

Now, I continue to climb higher. Hourly. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly.

Others may focus on what they're done, but I think solely of what I'll do today. And tomorrow. That's what matters. That's how big things happen. And that's what I bring.

My prospective-client range is unlimited. Among my concepts and material is work that would appeal to any major television or radio network, or any motion-picture studio. Simultaneously, I can assist corporations and small business with any type of material, including website-content development. No job is too big or too small.

Please drop me a note outlining what you're seeking. I'll be glad to discuss any projects with you. Even if you're seeking the next major movie blockbuster! Or the next highly rated radio program or television show. One thing I never have is a lack of ideas. Original ideas.

More than just think about such things, however, I have the drive, the wits and the courage to carry them out.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


James Alex Gerard