When Losing Hope: Consider True Heroes Of The Entertainment World

I admit I can get discouraged and fail to create. Why? Because it seems that those who seek to bring laughter, light and joy into the world will be the ones to get cheated or sold out by those who hold the ways of greed, manipulation or deceit.

But last year, I read online about Mr. Tom Shadyac . A person who made millions of dollars as a director of major-motion pictures. As someone who had the proverbial fame and fortune that we feel we are all seeking.

Then, as I conclude and like me, he sustained a life-threatening condition he survived -- and led him to examine himself and this world further.

Sure, I read the criticism that some failed box-office movie he directed was behind his transformation. I doubt that. I feel that when we are down as human beings, we really, really find out what we are made of as human beings, true Americans and whatever else we feel we are.

I gave up my material things to see further, after that terrible ordeal that cost me my lower leg. And, great came from that. As Mr. Shadyac notes: We give up useless toys, and then our true life begins.

We fail to cooperate with each other. Too many hold insecurity, and the 'what's in for me" mentality that makes the people in the entertainment business conduct themselves the way they do.

When I was depressed recently, all. I reviewed something I found online. Although I am a comedic creator and writer, I found myself distressed about what I read about the late Mr. Richard Pryor. I had no idea until late last year that his 1980 accident (one I remember at the time) was the result of an attempted suicide. My God. The man set himself on fire in attempt to exorcise the demons from within. Ones fame and fortune had brought him. Think about that, all, and think long and hard. As I did.

Bad childhood aside with Mr. Pryor, this man had money and fame. And was considered successful. And yet, all, he was very miserable. Very miserable. I was heartbroken to grasp this, but not aloof.

Lesson to be learned. As I have already learned. We need to cooperate. We don't anyone stealing our souls. We must never sell our own souls to get anywhere. Ever.

I conceive and write big things. And I feel bad for ever charging struggling comedic people with families for what I have. And then there's those with power who seek to do nothing but steal.

I know that something great will come out of what I do -- and not for me, as Mr. Shadyac knows, but for all.

For all.

Now, we have our heroes in this business. At the least, I have mine. I want nothing more than to do and create for the greater good.

I have my soul. I know its value. And I will never sell it. Ever.

Are others willing to do the same with theirs? I hope so.

-- James Alex Gerard