James Alex Gerard: Online Showcases

These blog pages represent a fraction of what I've created and written. To view them, please send me an invitation request email, providing your full name, website address and company affiliation. Also, please indicate which showcases you'd like to view. I will add the sent email address to the registered, private viewers list. You will then receive an email providing a link to accept the invitation.

(Note: To complete the invitation process, you'll need to sign in with a Google account. Please consider creating one, if you haven't already).

The showcases include:

The Comedic Skybox: An outrageous, side-splitting collection of my varied one-liners, jokes and "never saw that punchline coming" comedy. These represent a fraction of what I've incorporated into scripts and outlines for comedic motion pictures, on-stage comedy (stand up), radio programs and television shows. It's among the best out there, reflecting a renaissance in the modern comedic landscape.

50 Cultural Acronyms: The name says it all. Proving both my love for -- and grasp of -- the English language, these acronyms are informative, entertaining and practical. Too many times, acronyms don't have any relation to what they're describing. Mine do. And there suitable for use for both the smallest and biggest of organizations. I have an uncanny knack for acronyms, and I can create unique and memorable ones for whatever uses you have. As these demonstrate.

Visions: Covering sports, news, society and just about anything else, this is my showcase for envisioning. I quite often have precognitive visions, and concepts with wide appeal. Instead of seeing what's been done before, I see what hasn't been done before. And seeing so many things before they happen. Call it prognostication, call it insight, call it a grasp of human nature. Call it, concisely: visions.

Mental Hurricanes: "I don't have brainstorms. They're more like Mental Hurricanes." -- James Alex Gerard. This showcase is a testament to how I can express my own -- and others' -- existence in concise, mere words. I'm not one to quote others, because I create my own statements. Some that stand among the best ever penned or spoken. I'm certain a lot of my audience can identify with my quotes.
Why My Showcases Are "Invite Only"
Simply put, I've had too much of my work lifted over the years. Copyrights not withstanding, I'm serious about myself and my work, I'm fair in my dealings as a person and a professional. I expect the same with others. It's only those that cooperate in such a manner that will ever get anywhere. Which I intend fully to do, and bestow the same to those I work with.

I'm willing to earn what I earn. Fully. In not only the spirit of America, but in the vein of a better mankind.

Please know I do my best to keep a positive attitude. I'm more than optimistic. But I know I cannot allow myself to become the proverbial fool. And I hope you can see and understand that.

Thank you for considering me. I look forward to working with you. 

Let's make big things happen.

Really BIG Things!